School Council Training


Training is a great way to kickstart the Smart School Council Model in your school. Attend one of our CPD days to understand how the model works, or you can host one in your school. Find our more below.

If you'd like to get to grips with what the Smart School Councils Model is all about, click here.

Attend CPD

We run our Smart School Council Masterclass CPD in schools across the country. It gives you a great understanding of the model and how you can improve student voice in your school. It costs £249 and includes premium membership.

If you're already a premium member, it costs £99 to attend a Masterclass.

Host a Masterclass

If there isn't a CPD day in your area, your school could host one. You receive two free places on the course, and premium membership in return for providing the room and lunch/refreshments. We handle all the bookings so there's no effort involved for you.

Upgrade to premium

You don't need to attend a CPD day to adopt the Smart School Council Model. Upgrading to premium will give you access to all of the resources and tools that you need to learn about the model, and introduce it to staff and pupils in your school.