School councils action plan


Smart school councils plan their projects to help them to become a success. It’s really important to look forward and plan what projects might look like. Projects aren’t always a success, but if you have a good plan then at least you all know what you’re heading for!

You might want to plan the big ideas and main goals of projects as a whole school council, and then work out the smaller details in groups of three of four. Here’s a few tips and templates to help school councils (or any young people) to plan an action plan for a project. A few basic guidelines will help all projects:

1. Checking that it’s smart before you start. Try out our smart targets for school councils.

2. In meetings to check on your action plan, remember to ask who will do what by when. In a nice friendly way, of course!

3. Looking back on the plan at the end of the project to work out what went well, and what didn’t. You’ll be able to write better action plans next time around!

It’s important that school council coordinators action plan too, that can help them support the school council in an effective way. See below for resources:

Links and resources:

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Questions to ask your school council:

  • Why bother planning?
  • How can you make planning more fun?
  • What percentage of time should you ‘plan’ and what percentage of time should you ‘do’?
  • Can you have a successful project without a plan?
  • Does a great action plan mean that your project will be a success?