School council assembly


Assemblies can help you to reach a lot of students at the same time. They are a great way for you to launch your new Smart School Council model. Smart school councils get involved in a whole range of important activities in school. That’s because a Smart School Council involves everyone in your school. For more information on setting up your Smart School Council, click on the introduction and set up section of the Smart School Council Manual.


Ideally, assemblies should be student-led. They can be useful in a number of ways. You might have some big news to announce and you need to make sure that everyone in a class, year group or the entire school are aware. You might be launching the model and want to tell everyone that they are ALL now involved. Whatever the reason, talking directly to your school, year group or class will make sure they get the message.

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Another way to try and make an impact is to do things differently. Assemblies that are different to the normal lecture style format can force people to sit up and listen.

Why don’t you play some music in the background? What don’t you get students talking to each other or include some drama or role play? Why don’t you go through the basics of what a school council is for an how you will help students? This school council basics powerpoint could really help you do that:

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Remember to carefully practice what is going to happen so that it all fits together well. It’s also really great to have an action for students and teachers who are in attendance – you could tell them that you’re having an open meeting that lunchtime and they could drop in. Or tell them that you have a new email address set up for them to use, or that the school council is holding a school council surgery every tuesday morning.