About us

What do we do and why?

The Smart School Councils Community (SSCC) is a teacher-led charity that helps young people to become active, democratic citizens. To do that, we implement our Smart School Councils model into schools which means everyone is involved in developing skills and experiencing democracy. We support our 9,500 schools members who come from across the UK and beyond!

How does it work?

The Smart School Council model involves all students in the school, and helps them to develop key skills around oracy, confidence and leadership. It supports students to become active, democratic citizens. The Smart School Council model helps schools to:

  • Involve ALL of students in developing skills
  • Directly address Ofsted requirements on British Values/SMSC & Prevent
  • Track data on involvement
  • Is easier to run than a traditional school council

It has three clear elements:

  • Class meetings: Short, regular, structured and student-led meetings in every class / tutor group across the school.
  • Action teams: Any student can set up an action team based on an idea or issue that they have.
  • Communication team: Brings the whole model together, facilitates wide involvement and tracks it.



How do schools adopt it?

Schools can adopt the model by following the clear implementation plan in our Smart School Councils Manual. This includes all the resources, web tools and support to engage all students. Find out more about the model on our homepage.

Who are we?



  • Diane May Diane recently retired as Headteacher of Lady Zia Wernher School, a primary special school in Luton.
  • Annie Doubledee Annie DoubledeeAnnie is a retired director of a childcare trust.
  • Jack Gillum Jack GillumJack is a student at Reading University and a town Councillor.
  • Charis Prevett Charis PrevettCharis is a History teacher and head of student voice at King’s Lynn Academy
  • Jared Hamilton Jared HamiltonJared is Head of English and Student Voice at Haringey Sixth Form College in Tottenham, London.
  • Olivia Sanchez Olivia SanchezOlivia is a Latin teacher at St. Paul’s Way Trust School in Tower Hamlets, London.
  • Gerry Robinson Gerry RobinsonGerry is Co-Headteacher at Woodside High School, Haringey.
  • Laura Campbell (Chair) Lura CampbellLaura is Contracts Manager at Isledon, an organisation delivering public services in Islington.

Young Leaders


We’re currently on the look out for freelance trainers to deliver training to teachers and students in schools across the UK. Find out more here.

Who are our supporters and funders?

Want to get involved?

Feel free to drop Greg an email to [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.