Where should we start with the Smart School Council Model?

The Smart School Council Model is a whole-school implementation with whole-school impact. It aims to get 100% of your students involved in learning and developing skills. Best of all, it links up with Ofsted’s requirements around British Values/SMSC and Prevent, and is easier to run than your current model. But where should you start? And why should you bother?

  1. Read this two-pager on the model

Having a good idea of what the Smart School Council model involves is the best place to start. Download the two-page PDF below to get all the headline info that you need to understand it.

2. Join up as a free member

If you’re not a member already, join up to the Community to access the basic information about the model.

If you’re one of our 6,400 existing staff members, you can log in here to access this information.

3. Start by persuading colleagues

Free members can access the key information, resources and downloads to introduce the model to your Head Teacher or SLT. This looks at how great school councils can go one step further and involve their whole school, or how school councils starting from scratch / need to be refreshed can get involved too. These are all included in the introduction and set up section and includes getting to grips to the model, persuading head teacher / SLT, and briefing key staff.

Remember that you can also come along to our one day CPD training – the Smart School Council Masterclass to kick start this process. Click this link to find out when forthcoming courses are being held.

4. Follow the process in the Smart School Council Manual

We have created the process shown below to get your Smart School Council set up. The resources give you the ability to skill up your staff and students to implement the model. Once you’re logged in each of the buttons shown below will give you a set of resources to achieve that particular part of the process – nice and simple!


manual picture

Premium members can access all of the resources, web tools and support to make this process easy. Once you’re a member, you can upgrade to premium from the link below.

Premium Membership

Once you’ve got the key staff on board, you’ll start implementing the three core elements of the model; class meetings, the communciation team and action teams. The manual will give you all the resources and support that you need to do this. Towards the end of the year, premium members have the opportunity to apply for our accreditation scheme to become an Official Smart School Councils.

So that’s it! If you’ve got any questions or comments – join up as a member and check out our FAQs or forum. Alternatively, drop a comment below 🙂



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