How to write a school council newsletter

The newsletter will be central to ensuring everyone knows what’s going on. When I was at school I started and wrote a newsletter that (if I do say so myself) people really looked forward to getting every two weeks. Here are some things I learnt from doing it:

  1. Have a format and stick to it: decide on fonts, masthead, rough layout, so you don’t spend too much time on this each time. It also helps people to recognise it.
  2. Make sure you write it for everyone, not just your friends. Include things that you know other people will like, even if you might find them boring.
  3. Make it funny. If you can make people smile while they read it, they will read again next time. Allow your personality to come through in your writing: write more like you talk, rather than in a very formal, information-giving style. This is written by students for students, so make it sound like how students talk to one another, not how the school talks to students.
  4. Have a schedule and stick to it. I used to do mine every other Thursday. People knew when it was coming out and expected it, this put pressure on me to get it done.
  5. Don’t make it too long. One or two sides is fine. If it’s too long people won’t read it and you won’t write it. Make it manageable for them and you.
  6. Don’t print a copy for each student. If there are 1,000 students in your school just print 250. Get people to hand them out at break/lunch time. People will want to know why they someone else has got one and they don’t. People will ask others to borrow their copy. This creates a buzz around your newsletter.

Please do send us copies of your newsletters. We’d love to see how you’re getting on.

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