End of my journey.

Every journey has a beginning and an end. I have come to the end of my journey has a young trainee in smart school’s council. It has been a good journey with unexpected lessons that I have learned. Lessons that I will take on my next journey.  

It began in September where we often go to watch how to run a session, for primary school’s students and master class session run for school teachers. This was for us first to observe and learn the key skills on how to run a session for different age group. In numbers there were 25 or more children per session. In master classes there were just abet less. There more we observed and assist, it burns our shyness and gave us self-confident to believe that we able to do it. Although I am a confident speaker still, I needed to learn key skills to have a successful session. One of the main things I really picked up is; there is always room for improvement no matter how well you think your session went.

Beside this, we all also had the chance to see the things that hold a business together. The importance of paper work and positive effect that it brings when you keep them updated. On my surplice I learn that some business has trustee to help them monitor the company. I really enjoy when I was trusted to help choosing a  new trustee for our company by interviewing them. It was a new experience in my life, to sit on the other side has an employer, to see the reaction of employees were being interviewed.

November 25th was our first session at the Lordship Lane Primary School. It was now time for me to put in practice all that I have learned, but before that we had coupled days where we spend hours’ rehearsing how to run a session. On the day I helped my colleague to lead the first session and I   Iead the second session. Each session was 45 min long or more. Honestly the first session was hard for me to run because they’re younger than I expected, so I spoke too slowly and it took longer than expected, but I picked up a lesson on that day on how to time my speech pace; depending on my audience. And more session we did my confidence went up, I knew my audience more and knew what to deliver and how. In total I have trained 300 hundred plus students in the England with smarts schools council, many schools liked our idea on helping school councils, some schools decided to implement our ideas into their schools mainly Haringey borough.

Smart School Councils taught me a lot, through the sessions we did, I learned the importance of teamwork in details. At times it was difficult, but I had learned to compromise, so  we can move has a team. I also saw the importance of the contribution in a team, how it makes plans move accurately.

It was a pleasure being a Young Trainee and I hope to cross paths with Smart School Councils Community in the future.

Pamphil Angoma



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