Communication Team roles

Each member of the Communication Team should have a specific role. Some of them could share a role, but ideally each person should have a distinct role.

You can use this list as a starting point, and then ask:

  • What other methods of communication should we use?
  • Who is in charge of each method?
  • How often should each method be updated?

Here are some roles to get you going. Take responsibility for updating:

  • Progress board
  • Website
  • Class meetings (organising the questions asked, collating the data)
  • Posters
  • School council surgery (organising the rota of people to staff this)
  • TV screens
  • School radio station
  • School newsletter/magazine
  • Assemblies (organising who will run these)
  • Suggestion boxes (reading and sorting the entries)
  • Email suggestion box
  • Twitter (if allowed)
  • Facebook (if allowed)
  • Instagram (if allowed)

With many of these people will need some training or guidelines to get them going – especially around social media and suggestion boxes. Some may need a team of people working in them (like the website and newsletters), it’s probably best to just have one or two people from the Communications Team heading these up and encourage other people from across the school to join the group and help produce them. These may be people with a specific interest or skill in this area, so you’ll get a wider range of people involved.

What other roles would also be useful?

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