Class meeting questions

A lot of teachers on our Smart School Council Masterclass have been asking us what kinds of questions should be asked across the school through Class Meetings. When deciding on questions to ask, your Communications Team should use these criteria:

  • The choice should affect the whole school.
  • It should be a closed question (only certain answers are possible).
  • It could be a choice where one option will be picked or where all the options are put in priority order.
  • It should be something you can start working on straight away.

Of course these questions ultimately should come from pupils and staff in your school but it can be useful to have some to get the system up and running.

  • What should the prize be for the winners of our house competition?
    • A trip to the cinema
    • A trip to the Natural History Museum
    • A picnic and games in the park
    • A party at lunch time
    • A party after school
  • How should we broadcast our school radio show?
    • During tutor time via the VLE
    • Over the Tannoy at break time
    • Put out as a podcast on the website
  • What new sport would you like us to include in PE next term?
    • Basketball
    • Rugby
    • Volleyball
  • We are considering changing the school day. Which of these would you prefer?
    • 6 x 50 minute lessons per day
    • 5 x 60 minute lessons per day
  • Which of these activities would you like us to include as part of Golden Time (we will use the top three)?
    • Origami
    • Photography
    • Reading
    • Drama
    • Street dance
    • Darts
  • Which charity should we raise money for this year?
    • Mind
    • Macmillan
    • Amnesty International
    • Unicef
  • What should we do more of in school?
    • International days
    • Sports days
    • Citizenship and social action days

What questions have you asked in your school?


    1. Dave – I’ll add some questions from other primaries and secondaries as we hear about them to give you an idea of what other schools are doing. I’ll just put these in the comments field. Hope things are going well at Oxclose!

  1. Other recent questions that we’ve heard:

    What is the best way to improve the school field? Gazebo, sitting area, adobe building, sports equipment.

    What should the school include in the new common room? A sitting space to talk to your friends, a sitting space with entertainment like pool tables, another idea that you can come up with.

    When it comes to preparation for the world of work, what would you like to get from tutorial time? Interview practice, CV/Application form writing, help with budgeting

    What should be the reward for going above and beyond in your lessons? Trips, reward points, electronic devices.

    What do you think students should be able to buy with their ePraise points? It’s fine as it is, electronic devices, reward trips, tickets for sporting events

    1. Thanks Greg, I have a meeting tomorrow with the Head again and then I am presenting to all staff on the first Tuesday back for 90 minutes. I will send through my plan when I have done it. Questions are helpful.


  2. This big list of areas (taken from could also help you come up with some good questions:


    Conflict resolution
    Target setting

    Student Panel

    Prefect System
    Prefect system based on school council
    ‘Self Government’ responsible for rules

    Code of Conduct

    Setting class ground rules – school council ground rules help
    Linking local community to school council to deal with after school issues
    Head boy/girl oversee prefect system
    Rewards and sanctions group


    Due to structure
    Involving all students

    Is it democratic?
    Censorship required?
    Getting a representative group
    Getting responses completed and handed back
    Pleasing everyone
    Unsupportive colleagues
    Individuals’ ability

    Lack of training – school council training here.
    Making decsions
    Planning issues
    Realistic/appropriate ideas
    Perception issues

    Seen negatively by other students
    Pupils not on council/identified by badges, ties, etc. might feel they have less influence
    Getting people to recognise the importance
    Teaching and learning

    Pupil interview panels – read more on school council pupil interview panels here.

    Students to research attitudes to learning

    Peer support

    Peer assessment
    Peer mentoring
    Peer tutoring (reluctant readers)
    Student academic mentors
    Formal student evaluation

    Student SEF
    Faculty reviews
    Insted (student Ofsted)
    Lesson observations by student council
    Student observers
    Students observing rooms focussing on noticeboards and levelled work
    Informal student evaluation

    Learning walks
    Discussion on T&L
    Student planning and teaching

    Students teaching G&T lessons
    Numeracy, literacy and sports leaders
    Curriculum planning
    Ambassadors for different subject areas
    Sports ambassadors

    Reducing carbon footprint
    Students approached governors and got £500 to kick off project
    Campaign to use both sides of paper in ICT
    Eco council

    Huge electricity bill
    School eco bag
    Recycled stationery shop
    Eco bags competition
    Built environment

    Students designing toilets in BSF
    Changing the building
    Environmental group (outside spaces)
    School environment

    New uniform put in place by school council
    School improvement
    House leaders recognised through their tie and jumpers
    Fund raising for school council to meet objectives

    Staff appointments

    Leaders wristbands

    Fund raising activities

    Anti-bullying (FAB)
    Good Citizenship Awards
    Peer mentoring

    Student website
    Council target setting using SMART targets to measure success
    Creating a handbook for new migrant students

    Attending governors meetings
    Student-led magazine
    Tour guides
    Representing the school at events
    Students helping with SEF
    Decorating toilets
    Participatory budgeting
    Student leadership

    Major officials system
    1 vote per member of school

    Charity decisions
    Fund raising
    Policy discussion
    Anti-racism policy
    How staff should deal with racism in class
    Pupils running enrichment activities

    Whole school celebrations
    Black history month
    Uniform changes
    School council
    Anti-smoking campaign

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