Urgent help needed for a Czech school

We just got this email from one of our friends in the Czech Republic, Honza, he helps run Skola pro Demokracii, which helps establish schools councils in Czech schools. It seems one of their schools has been let down by a UK school. Would you be able to step in and help them out?

I´ve got a question on you and on some schools you work with.

A couple of minutes ago I got a call from Maruska from the school in Uherske Hradiste (southern Moravia) who asked for help. They had a common project with one school in Cornwall which unfortunately had to cancel their promise and said the kids from this Czech school cannot come to them because of some school management issue they have.

The Czech school has booked their bus, accommodation in London for 1 night, the parents have paid and the kids are looking forward to seeing England.

Therefore I would like to ask if there is a chance of accepting the kids in some of the schools you work with for a couple of days.

It is 40 pupils at the age of 12-16. They should spend at least 9 hours in lessons, they would organize their free time together with their Czech teachers (probably tours in London and close to London).

The date is the tough stuff – they are coming to London on 17th October, spend one day and night in London and would need to find a school partner from 18.10. let´s say for 4 days, each of the days a couple of lessons (2-3) should be attended by the pupils.

Another thing is that they would need to find accommodation for these 4 days – they are ready to sleep in their sleeping bags in a gym, if possible. If needed, they can pay for such accommodation, too.

Not only are they coming from an area of great wine and slivovice, they are also a really interesting school involved in many projects like Eco-schools or School for Democracy.

You can find more about them at

Thank you for a quick reply, guys!


Jan Fronek

Centre for Democracy in Education

If you think you can help, drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch with the school.

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  1. I am a deputy head of a primary school in the London Borough of Havering. We realise that these children wouldn’t want to spend 4 days in our company however if they ned to fill the time I would be happy to ask my Headteacher if we could host them for the day on the Tues 20th or Thurs 22nd.

    If this is of any help please let me know and I will ask my Headteacher – he is usually very relaxed about these things.

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