Unforgettable People at Team London, City Hall

A wise man once told me ‘in order to go far in life, you have to be willing meet people you have never meet and go places you never been’

I was at an event yesterday organised by Team London, held at City Hall. It was an amazing experience for schools and charities in London. It really stretched my vision of how far volunteering work can go and it really put a smile on people’s faces. There were some passionate and inspirational life stories of people who had overcame a hard time in their life. For example, a former wheel chair rugby player who now visits schools to tell his story as a speaker to help young people and adults  overcome their challenges in life. His story partly helped me to be more determine to work on my dreams and goals in life, no matter what set back I will have or already had.

photoThere was much more. I personally liked three young students from a secondary school in London who had the courage to form a team to help their school and their community to make the world a better place. With the support of their teachers they were able to lay the foundation for this – this showed how importance teacher support can be behind the children’s dreams. They were really passionate about what they are doing and confident to speak about it in public. It’s good to see how the young generation is determined to make the world a better place.

During the event we had time to ask questions to help us learn as teachers, students or charity workers. One teacher from a school asked a question that my colleague Leila and I thought was interesting AND difficult at the same time. To my surprise, this was answered by a gentle man by the name of Marc Kielburger who runs Free the Children – a very large and successful organisation which to help to establish children’s rights and also empower them to reach they full potential. He comfortably answered her question with a detailed answers on how they support schools with their school’s councils or they community work enormously, and they offer most of it free out of charge. It was amazing to hear.

I really admire the work of Team London who kicked off their work to help the community voluntary in the 2012 Olympic Games. It really has proved a positive movement, and one of the speakers said during the event:

“if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far you will need people with you”.

Since 2012 Team London have supported and helped countless events and schools across London, and I as a Young Trainee can see they will go far because they are one big family and their hearts beats to help our city without a prize.

By Pamphil, Young Trainee

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