A voice of a stranger – Pamphil submits evidence to the Lords

Our Young Trainees and Young Leaders recently submitted evidence to the House of lords Communications Select Committee. Here’s Pamphil’s report from the day….


The inspiration for me started with the buidling’s status, images, quotations and painting. During the tour of the house, I was pleased to hear about the history of Parliament and its significant paintings and status. I was even more pleased when we went to watch the debates in the House of Lords chamber. I really enjoy debates; because I good discussions can find the right path for us.

The most remarkable moment for me was when we sat in groups with the Lords to give our opinions on the BBC. There were many good opinions given by everyone in the room, and ideas that can be implemented in the future. The best part in the day was when a middle age black women stood to make a speech. I later learnt she is 65 years old! Her name is Baroness Benjamin.

I was amazed at her courage to stand for what she believes in and speak about it so well. Her consideration for humans as people who need to be loved regardless of their ethnicity was really powerful and I loved how she wanted to hear everyone’s voice.

Within her talk, one phrase stood out for me and struck me as a reminder of how much power we have as young people.  photo(1)She said: “do not be a sheep they only follow”.

I grew up with a religious background, where we were taught to be like sheep and obey. I didn’t question this at the time but on this day I did.

I can’t just keep following, it’s my life and I have the responsibility to lead it with balanced principles so I can make positive impact in the lives of others. In short, think for myself. After I asked a question, her answer moved me in tears and she hugged me firmly. I remembered she was the first person to hug me on that day, even though she is a stranger to me. I will never forget this stranger.

As a Young Trainee working with young people, I think this is essential and I think it’s important to all people that work with young people too. At Smart School’s Councils we help young people to think for themselves and take responsibility for their actions and role at school. She reminded me of the power of charity work and how much we can help young people.

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