The return of Young Trainees

I’m Pamphil Angoma and I am 23 years old. I was raised in North London from the age of 11, but I was born in Congo. I am currently working as a Young Trainee at Smart School Councils Community.

I am a confident  and friendly person, passionate to succeed in life and make a positive impact on my family and my community. A few years back I didn’t have this mind frame that I have now. Academically I study at Park View Academy at my secondary school.  It was a really good school, but I wasn’t a very good student. I lacked confident in many things and I didn’t perform well in my lessons. I remember that I wanted to be a school councillor for my year group, but I lacked the confidence to stand in front of people and speak and this really held me back.

After leaving school from age of 18, I had a job as a counsellor that mainly working with young people. I spent almost five years in that job because I really enjoyed what I was doing as it really built up my confidence and communication skills.  After leaving this job to search for a new career path, I came across  the role of Young Trainee at Smart School Councils Community. When I read the job description immediately it peaked my interest as the job involved helping schools to perfect school councils through skills training and how to make their school council more active and inclusive.

This really stood out for me because I strongly believe that young people should have a voice so that they can be heard.  New ideas can be found in people who are shy but they may lack the confidence to voice out their ideas.
This relates to me on a personal level as my own school council wasn’t that effective where few students were involved and took it seriously, so not everyone had a voice. I felt left out as I had ideas to contribute but I lacked confidence to express them.  I see school councils  as something to be taken very seriously, as it give young people an insight into experiencing democracy where there are more voices and ideas that could lead to positive change.

I am happy for this opportunity as a Young Trainee as I get to give back to various schools and communities. I also get to see current schools councils and the positive activities that take place which I didn’t get to experience when I was at school. Being proactive at school is very beneficial after you finish your education, as you will have to to speak for yourself without the aid of adults to speak for you.

I am really excited about the Smart School Councils project of helping schools councils. I am looking forward to meeting different students at different schools and seeing new voices being heard.  For me personally; I will be able to gain new experiences about schools, meeting new people, and discovering new effective skills to use in life.

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