First Steps as a Young Trainee

My name is Nuno Abreu, I am 21 years old and I’m a Young Trainee with Smarts School Councils Community. I have spent all of my education years in Lisbon, Portugal, which is where I’m from and I moved recently to London because I want to learn and experience new things.

I can’t say much about my experience with schools councils, because the ones in my schools rarely made a difference which is one of the reasons I applied for this position. I want to help young people making a change in their schools and communities and at the same time improve my life and work skills. A school council in my opinion is iNuno2mportant as they provide a platform in making themselves heard through discussing issues, arrange activities in the schools and organising events.

In my opinion a school council should always be active, inclusive, and passionate as it should be the link between students, teachers and the community. This is why we at Smart Schools Councils Community help students in making a difference in their schools and communities. I recently got this position and I already feel excited about it. The fact that I will improve skills wise and at the same time help others improve theirs is more than I could possibly ask for. With this position I will work at an office, which is something I have never done before and visit local schools to help with School Council sessions. This experience will be good because there will be a constant change in routine which is something I enjoy and look forward to.

As a Young Trainee, I will not only help with the training sessions in many schools but I would also meet a variety of professionals with whom I can discuss some issues with and get some advice from. Today I’m going for a small session at the Haringey Sixth Form Centre and I’m really looking forward to it where I would hopefully meet many young people and be able to  discuss various issues that they are passionate about. I have started today and I already feel like this role will require a lot of willingness to learn, patience and hard work as our goal is to learn as much as possible and have some fun while doing it. I really hope that by the end of this project I will be a much more confident and skilled person; and more importantly have made a significant change on the young people I will help.

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