Getting ready to implement the Smart School Council model….

Here’s what’s been happening with the development of our Smart School Council model….

Though we’re still in the very early stages of developing the Smart School Council model, we’ve had lots of interest from schools across the country who read our last blog on the subject. Having trialled the model as a proof of concept and the staff CPD element, we’re now working hard on the resources and training programmes that schools need to make the model work in September.

Last week, we spent a half day working with Haringey Sixth Form staff and students who are implementing the model after the summer. The session focused on helping everyone to understand the model, and deciding on the resources that Smart School Councils need to create in order for it to be a success.

We looked at each of the three key elements of the School Council Model (Class/form/tutor council meetings, action teams and communication teams) and discussed the possible challenges that students or teachers might face when implementing.  For example, there was a concern from staff  that some students may struggle to keep the action teams motivated. We’ve now got a list of resources that we need to create over the summer so that they’re reading when school starts. A few other challenges are below:

PhotoGrid of Action Teams
Action Team issues & solutions discussed in meeting

Haringey Sixth Form are running short monthly tutor council meetings using our web tool. These are where each student in their own class would each have the opportunity to take the lead in class meetings and report back to their peers school changes occurring within their school. Several potential issues came up with these too! Things like timing, skills to lead them and the rota of meeting leaders.

PhotoGrid of Tutor Groups
Tutor Councils with suggestions & solutions

We’ve now got a clear idea of what the school needs to implement our model. Thanks guys, it’s going to be a busy summer!


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