Temur talks again: “Most students are really motivated”

Temur sharing more of his experiences in his second blog 


Temur Jvarsheishvili shares more of his experience when working with students in school councils in Georgia. Let’s hear more about his journey.

As you may know from my first blog; I’ve started working with school students regarding school councils.

In this blog I would like to share you my experience gained during and after first training in the schools I am working in.
The general atmosphere was light and energetic. It was a good start for my co-trainer and for me too. Most of the students are really motivated to be included in all of the activities.

Our working agenda looks as follows: first meeting with school students in May (that we have already done), next meetings will be held in the autumn to help students conduct election campaigns and arrange elections itself.

Temur discussing how to prep students for school council elections

According to the Georgian educational legislation, school council elections should be held in the first weeks after the first school-day. So our next activities will be continued in September to help students and teachers organise all of the details regarding elections and post election processes.

As for the first training in different schools, it was very interesting for the students too, especially when it came to learning about the elections. This makes them want to be more involved in the whole process.

Before the first workshops I had a chance to translate some of the materials Greg suggested (see first blog), which helped us a lot. We handed these printed materials out to the students that they will work on during the summer time that will simplify their work before the elections held in September. We hope these materials help them learn about working in a group with distributing responsibilities between them in order to better achieve the main goal after the project. This is the biggest challenge we have faced so far.

My co-trainer and I are looking forward to the next meeting. In the meantime, we (students, teachers, trainers) communicate frequently online and over the telephone to arrange the details, share our experience and plan  the elections and our second meeting.

I’ll include all of you in our next steps and keep you updated with our progress!

Temur, Georgia

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