I am Erica

I am here this week for work experience.

Tell me about yourself. What kind of person are you? What do you like to do?
I am a very calm person and sometimes, I am shy.
I like to listen to music, I listen to every type of music, my favorite male singer is Chris Brown and my favorite female singer is Beyonce. I talk to my Portuguese friends on Skype.
I am from Portugal, I’ve been here for 10 months, I am here with my mother and brother.

Tell me about your school. What kind of school is it? How long have you been there?
My school is a very helpful school, and is a mixed school, I have been there for 8 months.

What do you like about your school?
The thing that I like in my school is that they like to help. My school helps a lot people that have just arrived now in the country, they support you a lot by talking with you, helping you with your work.

What do you know about the school council/student voice at your school?
I don’t know a lot about the student voice.

What has it changed in your school?
Nothing (that I know about yet).

What would you most like to change about your school?
I would like to change the uniform, because when it’s hot you can’t take it off.

If you could set up an Action Team about anything in your school what would it be about and what would it do?
It would be about the uniform, we would make a meeting to talk about it.

Do you think it’s important for schools to listen to their students? Why/why not?
Yes, because we have the right to speak and we have the right to share our ideas.

What advice would you give to schools about how to involve young people in decision-making?
They should make projects and make meetings for parents, students and teachers.

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