Temur talks: School councils in Georgia

We met Temur from Georgia on a recent training session in Georgia. Here’s his first blog talking about his experience of school councils…


Hi, I am Temur Jvarsheishvili living in Georgia. Here I’m going to share you my ideas, feelings, thoughts regarding school councils, students and about school in general.

Firstly, I would like to tell you my story as I intend to communicate with you intensively (with support of yours).

How did I find this community? I’m involved in one of the Georgian-Polish projects about school councils (SCs) which provided me with a great opportunity to get to know Greg as the invited educator about the issue.

In Borjomi (situated in Georgia) we had the training conducted by Greg about school councils. Personally, I have experience in having a close contact with school, high school and university students for more than five years (since I deliver trainings and workshops about Social Media, Online Campaign, as well as Art and techniques of British Parliamentary Debates), but this is something new: working with students to help them strengthen their school council community.

I do hope we as a whole will achieve our main goal: make school councils more transparent, active and accountable.

This is only beginning: in the schools and on this site. Hear from me soon.


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