Speaker’s School Council Awards: A Delightful Treat

Here’s Young Trainee Margaret’s report on trip to the Speaker’s School Council awards ceremony. Speak, Listen, Communicate!






On Tuesday 24th February 2015, Myself, Emma and Greg joined John Bercow at the Speaker’s Chambers at Parliament for the Speaker’s School Council Awards.

Speakers Chambers


To begin with we looked from the outside at where we where heading, would you believe it’s right below Big Ben!

We where led to the event room on a journey of amazingly decorated halls with paintings of previous Speakers and political figures. Upon entering the room I was pleased to see young people from 3 different schools who where all dressed smartly (in uniform) ready to receive their awards and share the information on what their projects entailed.The opening speech was amazing – shout out to SSCC’s Greg Sanderson who helped to judge the entries!






Well done to all the schools that entered. The Awards went to:

Age 4-7 Award:      St Francis de Sales – Intergenerational Ladies and Gents do Lunch

Age 8-11 Award:    St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School – Dementia Friends

Age 12-16 Award:  Inscape House – AUWARE- Raising Autism Awareness in Local Schools

Age 17-19 Award:  Ysgol Y Deri – School Construction Ambassadors


The projects where all so good its hard to say I had a favourite but I particularly liked the Dementia Friends project as my dad had Dementia and it was nice to know that young people are creating awareness about the condition and enlightening communities about the signs which I think is important for the safety of sufferers and overall is a really good initiative that develops understanding and compassion.

All the projects where excellent and it’s no surprise they won this year round. I encourage more schools, students and teachers to get involved in creating projects in their schools and in applying for the next Speakers School Councils Award – look out for the information on their website which is available by clicking here.

I definitely hope I get an invitation to the next Award ceremony, seeing how bright the future is is truly inspiring. It was a great event and they also had great cake – a delightful treat! Thanks Nadia 🙂


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