Parliament: Emma’s inside story!

Our Young Trainee, Emma Asante, takes a look inside the corridors of power at Westminster..

Hi! This is Emma. I was recently given the opportunity to take a peek inside what goes on inside parliament. The first day consisted of meeting John Bercow or Mr Speaker as he better known as in Parliament.

It was great to see him again as I got to see him in action at the Speaker’s School Council Awards which awarded young students with innovative ideas that they are putting into action in their school. He was able to tell us his experience of working inside parliament as an impartial non-partisan speaker. You could say this role is a bit like a referee who does not take sides.

He also presented his more comical side where he told a story of an employee being upset that his favourite bar in parliament would be converted into a nursery that would cater to MPs children. To be honest I think that is a fantastic idea and I have no doubt that there would be other pubs that the employee could choose from. I also had the chance to speak in front of the camera about my views on politics and how this affects young people.

“At first I found it quite daunting as I am in fact shy but once I got into to it I found it quite enjoyable to a point where a passer-by overlooking had said that I am ‘natural at speaking’; which I took as a big compliment”


Here’s our amazing Young Leader Emma also sharing her views on camera.

On the second day; the focus was on law making. One of the presenters talked about a private members bill on modern slavery that was five big folders long! Can you imagine all that reading? I was also able to meet Kate Emms who is the clerk in charge of  looking at private member bills that MPs want to turn into law. She was a very interesting person to meet where she had said an inspirational quote featured below:

Capture2 (1)

Thank you to Parliament’s Education Service for inviting us!

Emma, Young Trainee

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