Four training sessions signed, sealed and delivered!

Emma, Young Trainee, tells us about delivering training and overcoming nerves…

Lea Valley School Council

Hi everyone!

It’s me Emma. Long time no see. I would like to share with you my experience of delivering 4 school council training sessions over a two week period. I was quite nervous about doing this as this was my first time delivering several training sessions to classes of 30 students from primary schools.

“It was a bit scary having a classroom full of students staring at you and you yourself being the centre of attention”

But once I got started I even forgot that I was in charge of both delivering the session and ensuring that the session ran smoothly with the help of my other colleagues.

I got to hear some very good ideas that would benefit everyone in the school and quite a few silly ideas where chocolate fountain seemed to be the most repetitive; particularly from the younger years! I also kept a lookout for any repetitive ideas that the students shared with their peers.

From one school; there was a repetitive issue of the school giving out dirty cups at break and lunch times so I hope that the students who particularly feel passionate about this issue would band together and get the headteacher to agree in helping to solve this ongoing issue. I look forward to more school council training and hearing great ideas!


Emma Asante


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