From Heartlands High to the workplace

My week of work experience

Me & Krishna helping at the EU training sessions

What’s your name, how old are you and which school do you go to?

Hi my name is Reyehl, and im 14 years old. The school i go to is Heartlands High School. I am here doing work experience.

What are you studying at the moment? What do you enjoy about those subjects?

I am studying catering, English, and BTEC sports. I enjoy catering because you get to cook and learn intresting things about foods and bacteria. I also enjoy BTEC sports because you get to do enjoyable and physical things, not just sit in a class room for an hour. English is interesting because you learn about poems and writers thoughts and feelings.

 What would you like to get out of this week?

I would like to get young people like me to get a say and get their voice heard. I would like students to know that they’re just the same as teachers, if they got something to say, say it.

 Why is it important for young people to have a say in their schools?

It’s important for young people to have a say because they might have some interesting ideas. Also if young people don’t have a say they might think that they are worthless and no one will listen to them just becasue they are young.

 What ideas do you have for making your school better?

I would like to have more student reps, so that there are lots of people to talk to if  you have an idea, and if a good idea is said i would like to see it happen. Usaully when a good idea is made nothing happens, so i would like to see some action.


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