Gabbi’s Journey with SSCC

Here’s my second blog on my amazing journey with Smart School Councils…

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blog gabbi and marj in office
Me and Margaret in the office!

Firstly, I have made some really good friends. The two other young trainees- Emma and Margaret!

We make a really good team, spending lots of time together to plan our sessions and supporting each other through the nerves and excitement we get from going in to new schools and meeting new young people and teachers of Haringey!!

I am so lucky to have such laid back and friendly employers (Asher and Greg). They are the bosses, the leaders, the amazing co-founders of Smart School Councils Community!! Asher has given us some amazing training on how to deliver an excellent Smart School session which is informative, beneficial for the school but most of all FUN! Our training is always fun and easy to follow! We have learnt a lot of new games that help us to work together and team build which we enjoy and always include these games in our sessions to share with the students.

Greg has been arranging our sessions in the local schools of Haringey (although he’ll find the longest route of getting us there) and he has been coming along to support us and help us to make any changes to make sure our sessions are the best of the best and that the young people have a really good time with us…..
Not many people can say they like their bosses, but I definitely can!!

Being a Young Trainee for SSCC has given me the chance to experience some amazing opportunities such as going to the My Big Fat Mini Election for Parliament Week at the Cabinet office, have a tour of Parliament, visit Portcullis house, go to Big Ben, House of Lords, House of Commons and we also got to have our training at a really nice Youth Hub in Islington called Platform. I wish that when I was younger I had somewhere to go like that, Im very jealous!! Check it out online and why not head over there if you’re aged 13-19.

Now that Emma, Margaret and myself are fully trained and prepared, we are really on a roll, going into 2-3 schools a week and delivering our sessions. So far we have been to Quinton Kynaston, Welbourne, Risley AvenueThe Willow and Woodside High. We have met 179 students altogether and where 82 of them have been from Haringey!!

blog pics yay

Thank you to all the brainstorming and dedication our young people have shown us this year!! The students from their school councils have gathered some really good ideas in their school that they would like to change- Why they want to change it, how they can change it and who they can go to for help! They have been planning their projects for change on our Simple Project Planners Sheets. I really enjoy seeing the passion and determination the young people have towards their projects and ideas and we have all been working hard as a team to help the young people make their idea happen, take action and to turn their dreams into reality.

blog pics notepad
. Click on me to see a Simple Project Planner

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to!

blog pic greg, emma, marj, be, gabbi
Emma, Gabbi, Greg, Margaret & Bea at Cabinet Office
blog pic platform
Asher, Emma, Greg & Gabbi- Training at Platform


I have had such a good journey so far and I am really looking forward to meeting more young people with such amazing and powerful ideas and to spread the fun at more schools in Haringey in the New Year!!

Seasons Greetings to you all and I hope you have a Happy New Year!!

blog pic xmas emma
Emma with her Christmas Stocking
blog pic xmas gabbi
Gabbi with her Christmas Stocking








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