My first day & using instagram as a charity

GabbiI’m Gabbi, one of the Young Trainees at SSCC. It is my first day today and we have been very busy preparing for our Parliament Week event at Tottenham Hotspur Football Ground which I am very excited about!!

Other than lots of planning and organising, I have been making Smart School Councils an Instagram page!!

I thought it was a good idea to have an Instagram account as I feel it will give us a chance to visually communicate with you guys! We can share with you what a great team we are and for you to see what really goes on behind the scenes here. As well as the preparation for events, we will take live photos of us in action so you can feel like part of our team too.

Our username is smartschoolcouncils and you can have a look at our page here.

I’ve written up a policy to share how we will use Instagram. It might be useful for other organisations who are thinking about helping young people to Instagram for a charity. You can take a look at this here:

Please follow us and help us to get #SSCC  &  #smartschoolcouncils to become well-known hash tags.

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