Young trainee at work

Young trainee at work
Young trainee at work

Hello! My name is Emma and I am a young trainee at Smart School Councils Community.

Over the past month I have been observing how school councils operate through my own eyes in primary and secondary schools. Observing school councils myself; has raised some questions that some of us may not have the answers to.

What are school councils exactly? What do they mean to us? Is it a mini parliament based in an unknown part of the school that we do not know about? Does it even exist in our schools?  Are young people’s voices heard throughout the school? If so, probably not loud enough you may say.

What Smart School Councils Community does as a charity is to help and encourage young students to act on their ideas through active group discussions within their own student council meetings. Concise planning is involved whereby the young person set goals for themselves that will help them get closer to making their school better.

Hearing and listening to young students voices and opinions involve the whole student body; not just students within the school councils themselves. I bet you did not know that did you; well neither did I.

Visiting primary and secondary schools and hearing what these young people want to achieve at such a young age has been insightful. I was able to hear different ideas from students of all ages on the changes they want to make to the school. One young student said that they wanted to improve the conservation area in their school; another said they wanted to create a buddy scheme system where they would actively look out for students who may be getting bullied, go over to them and involve them in their activities.

I know what you might be thinking at this point. How do they come up with these ideas? Does an adult tell them what idea or issue they should focus on? The answer is no-one tells them. These are some of the ideas that students have come up with themselves.

The only thing I can say from this experience is that we adults need to take young people more seriously as they also have their own experiences to share and can offer brilliant suggestions that us older folk would never had thought of.  Yes; I just called us old folk. Young students are taking over our generation and they rightly should do so.


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