Being 16 in 2014

In Scotland, 16 and 17 year olds have been given the right to vote for the first time ever. Nearly 100,000 of them have already registered to take part in the referendum on Scottish independence next week.

The BBC have produced a short series which looks at what it’s like to be 16 in Scotland and what young people are thinking about the big vote.

You can watch this here:




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  1. I felt that this was a good documentary in terms of what young people can achieve in their schools when given the chance to do so. Young people should be taken seriously when expressing their own views as they offer fresh ideas that we adults would never think of. I think what we adults need to keep in mind is to:

    . Never underestimate the minds of young people

    . Keep an open mind in actively listening to their views without interrupting them

    . Always remember that young people do have their own experiences which they can share; where most of those experiences may even be more recent and more easier to recall than ours

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