My week of work experience!

What do you think makes a good council?

The person who’s the school councillor should be: organised, motivated, a good listener and have a positive attitude and strong communication skills, they must be confident of what they are doing.

The reason for this is because if the person who is the councillor is confident of what he/she is doing then this shows that he/she will contribute well. This will give the people who are quiet a chance and they will speak up and share ideas together.

What is pupil voice?

Pupil voice is extremely important. Everyone should have the opportunity to share ideas with each other and not disrespect other’s opinions.

How do pupils work with each other?

  • Work with adults to solve problems like, how to eat healthy food, and the school environment.
  • Tell staff what you would like to do or learn and have fun at the same time.
  • Take part in after school clubs and communicate with the people you haven’t spoken to.

What I have enjoyed this week?

What I have enjoyed this week is that I went to my old primary school, which is called Welbourne Primary School. I went there to help the students understand how their school council is going and that it is important.

The first thing we did was introduce ourselves and introduce SSCC, which stands for Smart School Councils Community. When everyone was sitting in a circle we told them to say their name, and to see who can remember most of the students’ names. It was interesting. After that what we did then was to play the floating stick game, six on one side and six on the other side, and then everyone in the room had to put their finger under the stick and try to put the stick on the ground. It was a bit funny because we had told them that they should put the stick on the ground but they did the opposite and it went upwards. So what that helped them to learn is how they should communicate with each other and it showed how they could actually work together, this means that this can then make things easier for them.

Did you do what you were expecting?

Well no, to start with, first to tell the truth I have really enjoyed this a lot and what I thought first is that I will be sitting in an office and not doing anything. But really I was wrong. So what I really did was I researched FTSE100 companies to try to find their contact name, Twitter, phone number and email address.

After I had done a lot of them. I called them and asked them if they were interested in Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day and if they were interested in it I would explain it to them on the phone. However if they were not interested what I said then was, ‘thank you for your time’ and just called the next company on my list. So if you want to know more about this click on the link bellow.


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