Helping young people to tweet using a Twitter policy



We wanted to write a twitter policy to make sure we knew how to use twitter in the correct way.

Greg and I thought of this idea together because when I first started to tweet I found it difficult to know what to say, and what style to say it in. I also wasn’t sure how and when to tweet, and whether I should tweet general things for example ‘Good Morning Followers’ to our followers.

So we also went on a trip to Virgin in Paddington early on in the year to visit @hannahmahony to get some vital information about how to tweet.

We have now put all of our ideas into this policy to guide us.

It might be useful for schools or other organisations that want to get young people like me tweeting for them. You can download a PDF or word version below!

Download a PDF of our Twitter policy: SSCC Twitter policy

Download a word version of our Twitter policy: SSCC Twitter policy


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