Get involved! Takeover Day 2014

Takeover Day 2014

Get ready for Friday 21st November 2014!

The Smart School Councils Community (SSCC) is really excited to take part in Takeover Day 2014. This is taking place on Friday 21st November, and we’ve saved the date in our calendar.

The day is still a good few months away, so we’ve only just begun thinking about who we might ask to take us over for the day, and planning how they might lead the organisation for the day. But most importantly, we’ve got the date in the diary and we’d encourage other organisations who work with young people to do the same. It really is a great project to get involved with.

So if you’re a young person, talk to your school council or student leaders about taking part. And if you’re a teacher or youth worker, raise it at your next meeting with staff or young people.

There’s loads of different ways to run a Takeover Day. To find our more, you can find it on the Children’s Commissioner’s site here.

This year, young people and organisations who have taken part in Takeover Day before can become Takeover Day ambassadors to help to promote the day and get others involved. You can find out more about this here.



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