Partnering with Parliament Week


We’re partnering with Parliament Week – you should too!

Penny and Emily from the Houses of Parliament came and visited Greg and I (Franklin) on Monday 24th March to discuss a variety of opportunities and activities that Parliament’s Education Service have open in the future.

One is called Parliament Week which takes place across the UK in November. There are programmes of events and activities that inspire, engage and connect people with parliamentary democracy. Parliament Week has been running for the past few years now every year in November and its outcomes have been successful and this year we want it to be even better!

We’re proud to say that the Smart School Councils Community is now in partnership with Penny and Emily at Parliament Week. During our discussion we talked about many things that could possibly be happening in the future, an idea for example, putting on an outstanding event in Haringey, North London that is run by young people.

Great things to come and look forward to… DO NOT MISS OUT, GET INVOLVED!

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