Being a young leader for the day – Pirate event! Arr

I’m Shakir McClean, a Haringey resident and secondary school student who has been working with the SSCC since November 2013.

In the last few months we have spent some time preparing for the pirate event by sharing our ideas, planning the day out and learning new ways to train primary school councillors. We have also learnt about ways to empower and encourage school councillors in order to boost their confidence which is a significant part of becoming a great school council member. I have really enjoyed the whole project as the freedom we had in deciding how the event will be was great which meant that the vast majority of our ideas were put in action during the pirate event and it was even better to see the children enjoying themselves throughout the day.

The Pirate Event which took place at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre on the 24th of January went really well – from the children’s feedback it is clear that they loved it as much as we did. My role throughout the day was to deliver a session on persuasion which would be a key factor in their project. I really enjoyed leading those sessions since everyone from each school was getting involved and they were all enthusiastic about learning new ways to persuade others.

The reason I got involved with the SSCC was because I am interested in democracy and establishing new  projects, I also thought it would be interesting to do this with children too because this would bring out the best in their abilities. From the project I gained: more experience in working with children; new and interesting techniques to make a lesson on persuasion exciting and more knowledge on how to make a school council effective in fitting its purpose. It was certainly beneficial because now I will be able to suggest new ways to help a school council out in fulfilling their ambitions.

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