Open Space at Northampton Academy

Improving Northampton Academy using Open Space

This week, I went to my second training session at Northampton Academy with Asher and Greg. It was an enjoyable day, we were engaging with students from year 7 up to year 13.

Throughout the day we were interacting with the students and playing a variety of games. We also tried the Open Space model to help get the students to think of ideas to better their school and school council. The sixth formers from Northampton Academy helped us to run the day.

The students contributed really well and by the end of the day they had they identified issues that they wanted to be solved, helped fellow students to come up with solutions. We supported the students to organise themselves into groups to make those solutions happen and importantly we got them to agree with a variety of projects to take forward.

A great idea I thought that others schools could take on board to improve their school councils is to involve the sixth form students in training the younger years. I really do think schools should do this because many younger students will engage more with an older pupil than they will with a teacher. For example, a sixth former mentoring a student in year 8 or variety of sixth formers working with each year council.

We’ll be back at Northampton Academy soon, so will keep you updated.


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