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Franklin Amadu My name is Franklin Amadu also known as Franks and I have recently been employed as an apprentice at the Smart School Councils Community (SSCC).

I am currently 17 years old with plenty of experience working with youths. The SSCC helps young people to have a say in their school through school councils. I would like to develop my knowledge and skills during my time here. The activities and tasks I’ll be taking on in my role is to ensure that young people do get a voice in their school, for example by going through their school council to try and better influence their school. I’ll also be helping out at events, with resources and the website.

My past experience on school council wasn’t very good. I had a school council in my secondary school but nothing came from it. For example, as a pupil I had a lot to say about the school but when I told my school councillor we wouldn’t get any feedback from it.

It’s important that young people have a say within their school and community. Many young people believe their generation has important things to say but assume no one is listening. At SSCC, we are committed to giving them the tools to make their voice heard.

Over the next few weeks I will be taking over the SSCC twitter, so if you would like to speak to Franks then follow us on: @SSCCTY

And if you’ve got any questions or ideas, please contact me on: [email protected] or leave a comment below.

Franks for the apprenticeship!


  1. Hi Franklin!

    Welcome to the community!
    I hope you will learn lots and also have a fun time with Asher and Greg.

    Looking forward to read more blogs from you.


    1. Hey Helene!

      Thanks for the positive feedback.
      Asher and Greg are a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward for more to come.

      Many thanks!


  2. Well done! Those school council days seem so long ago! And you’re right, no one ever listened to us. Proud of you!

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