Franks first training day at Lynn Grove

Asher, Greg and I (Franklin) went on a training day to Norfolk working with the school councillors at Lynn Grove Secondary.

It was a wonderful experience for me, it being my first training session with many more to come. We engaged with the councillors on how they want to better their school council and also planned a training session for teachers; for them to be able to support the school council really well.

SSCCHere is a school councillor from Lynn Grove Secondary I was working with, his name is Will. We discussed many things such as ‘how he wants to better his school by using the school council’.

Will and I spoke about many things about the school council and how teachers can affect the school council.

I asked him a variety of questions about his school council and this is the feedback I got from him.

Franklin: “Is your school council doing a good job?”

Will: “Yes! Reason being is because we got to organise football matches, the other day we had the teachers playing against the local police officers. That’s the type of things I like”

Franklin: “Do students have a voice in the school council?”

Will: “Yeah they do, mainly year 11s have a say, which is sad. We year 8s would like to have a say in things, which is a shame”

Franklin: “If you had a chance to better your school council would you?”

Will: “Yes! To make others in the lower school to have a voice and making them feeling confident about themselves to make a difference”

Will is a bright lad with great ambitions who’s looking to make a difference.

We will be going back to Lynn Grove to see how they have improved after our sessions and to see how they are getting on.

‘Everybody has a voice, make it heard’

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