Five social media tips I learnt at Virgin

Me meeting Hannah from Virgin

Greg and I (Franklin) went to meet Hannah from Virgin in Paddington yesterday. It was a great and thoughtful day out, and meeting Hannah made it even better. We met with Hannah to discuss social media and she went more into depth about it which was terrific.

I tried to prepare some hard questions for Hannah, but it was a shocker! Hannah managed to answer them all. Well done to you Hannah, give yourself a pat on the back; I’ll try harder next time! You’ve got the one up on me.

A few questions I came up with for Hannah were “Do you speak formally or informally whilst tweeting on behalf of Virgin?”
I would have answered formal. Greg would have said the same, I reckon.

BUT Hannah on the other hand told us that she tweets“informally” because she thinks it is friendly and a great thing to interact and have general conversations with the customer. She also wants Virgin to come across as a friendly and approachable brand, which in some senses is a good thing.

I then went on to question her about the Virgin twitter and Virgin facebook which she takes cares of. I asked Hannah “Is there a limit of tweets or status updates you have to do a day?”

She answered “Well Franklin, first thing in the morning stuff does get uploaded onto the social website. I upload Facebook statuses four times a day and I tweet every half an hour”

(So I’m sitting there having words to myself in my head thinking that tweeting every half hour is mad. What do you say? Who do you tweet? Why every half hour?)

To answer, she told us about a website call ‘Hootsuite’ which basically schedules when you want to tweet. For example, if you wanted to tweet at 2PM you tell Hootsuite to do it and it will automatically tweet, which is very cheeky of Hannah to use. Great idea though!

Here’s Hannah’s top five tips which are great to use if you are a school councillor or young person wanting to set up a twitter.

Hannah’s 5 top tips for tweeting:

  • Tweet informally- Tweet as if you speaking to a friend, your tone of voice should be personal and enthusiastic.
  • Use hash tags- Making it clear to the viewers what you are speaking about and also make it easy to search things.
  • Keep an eye on number of followers- To see if your social media is progressing (Hootsuite can help).
  • Keeping it simple- Keep things friendly but beware of sloppiness and avoid bad grammar and spelling.
  • Tweet every follower- Make every follower feel welcomed e.g thanking them for following you.

Thank you Hannah for your great advice and the free Richard Branson book. I will be taking these tips on board, I’ll be using them on the @SSCCTY twitter and I’m sure people reading this will do the same.

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