Take a school council tour

Last week Greg and I were visiting school council in the Czech Republic again and as before we learned loads from this trip. One of the things we recommended to them – something we suggest to all schools – is to try to visit one another and learn from each other’s practice. They were particularly keen to visit UK schools. Of course the logistics often make even a trip to the school down the road difficult, let alone across Europe, but technology can help:

Create a school council-led video tour of your school

It needn’t be a big production, just a student with the camera on their phone would be fine. You might want to cover some of these things:

  1. How you solve problems – video a meeting or an action team at work
  2. How you communicate with the whole school – show class meetings, assemblies, link to your website
  3. How you have made an impact – a video tour of your school highlighting where student voice has made a difference
  4. What challenges you are facing – talk about the barriers and see if anyone can help you overcome them
Sharing ideas face-to-face with students from several schools inLitvínov, Czech Republic.
Sharing ideas face-to-face with students from several schools in Litvínov, Czech Republic.

Put the video on your school website or add it to YouTube or Vimeo, post a link here and we’ll start to give you a way to share your school council experience with other school council eager to learn and help. We’ve asked schools in the Czech Republic to do the same. Hopefully it will end up being a useful source of ideas and suggestions for school councils everywhere. It may even end up with you being offered a visit to a school in the Czech Republic!

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