Student council – how it works in Poland

[styled_image image=”×180.jpg” align=”right” alt=”Youth Parliament Session in Poland”]In Poland we have lots of opportunities to give youth a voice. After we set up a democratic government in 1989 our education system changed and now, right from primary school, pupils can be active in student councils. The Bill of Education obliged principals (headteachers) to give students a free way to take action in their schools. Each student has a right to vote for the head of the student council. The number of active and powerful student councils grows year by year.
Usually students are able to plan their work as they want to. All councils must have a coach (supporting member of staff), who should be chosen from teachers by students.

Foundation Centre for Citizenship Education ( offers a program called ‘Student council’ where teachers, leaders and students can improve their skills in management and team working.

On the Children’s Day (1st June) students can participate in a Youth Parliament session. The Polish Parliament was the first in the world to start the tradition of Youth Parliament over 20 years ago now.

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