School council – my experience in Poland

school council noticeboard
A notice board set up by a school council in Poland

I grew up in small city in western Poland. In my primary school I joined the cultural section of School Council, I was 10 years old. Right after that I became a leader of my team.  We mainly organised events to celebrate holidays such as: Santa Claus Day, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Education Day, etc. When I was in the 4th year I ran for leadership of the whole School Council. After a democratic election and campaign I became the leader for two years (with re-election in 5th year).

My team got a school newspaper back to life. We set up a school garden community to take care of our area and make it more colourful. As I remember we tried to take part in lots of charity actions and events. We sponsored two children from Africa. We were very active and when we graduated to secondary school our coordinator and principal (headteacher) were very impressed with our work.

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