School council welcome pack – what’s in it?

I’ve been coming up with a new welcome (induction) pack for the governing body I’m a part of and it made me think that school councils could do with something similar. I imagine many of your school councils already have one, so what’s in it? Let us know in the comments below.

This is some of what we’re putting in our pack: would any of this be useful for new school councillors in your school? What would you add?

Girl holding 'How to be a SMART school councillor' bookWhat we’ll do to support you

  • Give you a tour around the school
  • Set up a meeting with the headteacher
  • Set up a meeting with the chair of the [school council]
  • Give you an experienced [school councillor] as a mentor
  • Provide you with training

What we need you to do

  • Go to the meetings and training
  • Fill out a form to tell us what you’re good at and what you like to do (skills audit)
  • Write a short piece about yourself and give us a photo for the [school council] website
  • Go through the attached useful information information with your mentor

Useful information (attached)

  • Your role and responsibilities as a [school councillor]
  • Minutes from last year’s meetings
  • Dates of all this year’s meetings
  • List of all the other [school councillors] and a bit about them (with a photo)
  • List of all the staff in the school and their responsibilities and skills
  • List of all sub-committees and action teams, with a description of what they do
  • Report of what we did well last year, what didn’t work and what we want to do this year
  • School Development Plan – sets out the school’s vision and what the school intends to achieve.

Useful websites

And another thing …

What about people who are thinking about standing for election to their school council: what information do you give to them?

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